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Secondary World Fantasy - Gemstone Magic - Sword Slinging Heroine

Unleash the power within—where the truth is carved in stone.

In a world where one man's gift could alter the course of nations, Vanson finds himself burdened by a talent he never asked for. Renouncing his past and fleeing from his own blood, he seeks solace far from the shadows of war. But fate has other plans.

During his journey Vanson navigates the treacherous paths of a continent haunted by his past. With debts mounting and enemies closing in, he's thrust into a precarious dance of survival. However, salvation comes in the unexpected form of a mysterious swordswoman, wielding both blade and secrets.

As Vanson grapples with trust and betrayal, he's forced to confront the ghosts he thought he'd left behind. With each step, he inches closer to the truth about his identity and the sinister forces that seek to manipulate him. But will he unravel the mysteries surrounding him before it's too late?

Join Vanson on a quest where alliances are forged in the crucible of danger and every decision could mean life or death. Stoneshaper is a riveting tale of resilience, intrigue, and redemption. Prepare to be swept away into a world where the bonds of brotherhood are tested, and the true meaning of freedom is discovered amidst the chaos of war.

Spice Level: 🌶️

Good world building and outstanding characters make for a entertaining read. Recommend this book wholeheartedly.
- Goodreads Review





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