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Paranormal Romance - Who Did This To You - Fated Mates -
Forced Proximity - Wounded Hero - Found Family

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As the moon rises, the line between man and beast blurs.

Brand was raised to rule the Broods of Fenrir, but he’s shunned his destiny for decades, repelled by the brutality and discord within the wolf shifter society. But when a grisly murder stains the streets of Denver and one of the brood is implicated, he’s dragged right back into the heart of the passion he’s been desperate to avoid.

While investigating the murder, the disappearance of shifters in the local area, and a strange red wolf that stalks the shadows of the winter nights, he encounters the one thing that might finally bring him to his knees—and she has silver eyes. 

With this new tempting distraction and the full moon approaching, unraveling the mysteries before him becomes more treacherous when the friend Brand swore to protect vanishes, and an old enemy is to blame. Challenging this particular foe will draw the attention of the most powerful of his kind and paint a target on the back of the woman he’s falling for.

As danger threatens those he cares for most, he’s faced with an impossible choice. Will he take up the throne he once denied or watch his world spiral further into chaos?

Broods of Fenrir is the first book of a gripping saga that delves into betrayal, redemption, and the primal forces that bind us all. Prepare to be enthralled by a world where loyalties are tested, and the fine line between humanity and savagery blurs. 

Spice Level: 🌶️

The concept was wonderful, the world build stunning, and the action kept me turning the page.
-Amazon Review





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