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Paranormal Romance - Wolf Shifters - Fated Mates

Desire has fangs.

When a woman is murdered by a werewolf in an abandoned building in Denver, Brand is thrust into the last place he ever wanted to be—the heart of the violent politics of the society he walked away from decades ago. Their raging emotions are a temptation he can’t indulge without the risk that he’ll turn into the same kind of monster his father was.

While trying to uncover the identity of the killer, he only finds more questions. A strange red wolf stalks the shadows of the winter nights, and shifters in town are disappearing with no trace. His search for answers brings him face to face with the cruelty and passion he’s been avoiding for years.

As danger threatens those he cares for most—the woman he loves, and the friend he swore to protect—he’s faced with an impossible choice. Will he take up the throne he once denied or let the Broods descend further into chaos?

Spice Level: 🌶️

The concept was wonderful, the world build stunning, and the action kept me turning the page.
-Amazon Review





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