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Coral AlejandraMoore

• Writer of Fantasy and Paranormal stories
• Editor of Speculative Fiction

I want to be remembered as a storyteller who shared the things she loved with anyone who cared to stop and listen.

All of my books are kissing books.

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When the waters rose, first came the plagues, and then came the demons. After decades marked by catastrophe and death, when humanity had lost all hope in a future on this planet, then--finally--like the answer to eight billion prayers made corporeal, came the angels. But the mysteries of faith don't always shine when held up to the light, and not everything that comes from the sky is heaven-sent.

Camila López is one of the Children, the offspring of the angels who battle back the tide of demons threatening to overrun Old Nueva York, and she has more than enough to worry about in her life when her ex who ended their relationship to become a priest comes back into the picture. Marcos Castillo is poised to be the next spiritual leader of the neighborhood she is responsible for keeping safe regardless of her objections, or his. Their clashes are as frequent as they are brutal, and challenge Camila's desire to keep the secrets that would uproot the new trajectory of his life, including the daughter they share that he has no idea exists.


Coral Moore has written a well paced, superbly woven tale that brings the reader to the very edge of that emotional cliff. She has filled it with a thought provoking story, led by powerful characters. Although the ending brings completion to issues and satisfaction to the conflicts, I was left wanting more...more pages! It ended before I was ready to walk away from the characters.

- Amazon Review

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