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Coral AlejandraMoore

• Writer of Fantasy and Paranormal stories
• Editor of Speculative Fiction

I want to be remembered as a storyteller who shared the things she loved with anyone who cared to stop and listen.

All of my books are kissing books.

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Hers to Rule

Hers to Rule book cover featuring Cisco, Mari, and Rio during a night on the town in Las Veagas.
In Sin City, love is a dangerous game.

When Mariana’s gargoyle crush Cisco kills her father, he frees her from the cycle of abuse that held her captive. Cisco urges her to flee Las Vegas before anyone can stop her.

But Mari knows two things for certain: if she leaves Cisco won’t survive, and she can’t live with that. The opportunity to transform her city with the person she’s yearned for so long ignites a fiery passion she can’t resist.

She decides to rule the Demon King’s criminal empire by Cisco’s side and heal the harm her father caused. His cruel legacy runs deep—right through the heart of Rio, a puma shifter who was the first to see the gentle soul beneath Cisco’s rocky exterior.

The steamy moments of solace the three share don’t last long, because the city is crawling with her father’s allies, out seeking fortune and revenge. Mari must race to unlock the secrets of her sensual powers before everything they’ve strived for is ripped away.


Coral Moore has written a well paced, superbly woven tale that brings the reader to the very edge of that emotional cliff. She has filled it with a thought provoking story, led by powerful characters. Although the ending brings completion to issues and satisfaction to the conflicts, I was left wanting more...more pages! It ended before I was ready to walk away from the characters.

- Amazon Review

Image by Mathias Reding

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