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Coral AlejandraMoore

• Writer of Fantasy and Paranormal stories
• Editor of Speculative Fiction

I want to be remembered as a storyteller who shared the things she loved with anyone who cared to stop and listen.

All of my books are kissing books.

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He’s been running so long he’s forgotten what home feels like.

Vanson has lost more money gambling than he can afford. He also has a talent for transforming pebbles into gemstones that he can’t use for fear that his past will catch up with him. The only thing he fears more than the moneylenders is being used as a weapon of war.

Oritza is a swordswoman who lives by a code. Her last promise to her dying friend is one she intends to keep—bring Vanson back to end the war tearing his home apart. 


Coral Moore has written a well paced, superbly woven tale that brings the reader to the very edge of that emotional cliff. She has filled it with a thought provoking story, led by powerful characters. Although the ending brings completion to issues and satisfaction to the conflicts, I was left wanting more...more pages! It ended before I was ready to walk away from the characters.

- Amazon Review

Image by Mathias Reding

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“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.”

― Octavia Butler, Parable of the Talents
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