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My books are stories of connection and triumph, and all of them are kissing books.

It is my sworn promise to never leave you with a down ending. Ever.

Except in cases where a hanging end might be warranted (as in a series), all endings are at least Happy For Now.

Heat Level Chart
🌶️                   Intimate scenes are vague/non-specific.

🌶️🌶️              More specific wording/evocative description.

🌶️🌶️🌶️         Getting very spicy now! Tread with care.

🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️    Woah Nelly! No really. I mean it.



In Sin City, love is a dangerous game.

When Mariana’s gargoyle crush Cisco kills her father, he frees her from the cycle of abuse that held her captive. Cisco urges her to flee Las Vegas before anyone can stop her.

But Mari knows two things for certain: if she leaves Cisco won’t survive, and she can’t live with that. The opportunity to transform her city with the person she’s yearned for so long ignites a fiery passion she can’t resist.

She decides to rule the Demon King’s criminal empire by Cisco’s side and heal the harm her father caused. His cruel legacy runs deep—right through the heart of Rio, a puma shifter who was the first to see the gentle soul beneath Cisco’s rocky exterior.

The steamy moments of solace the three share don’t last long, because the city is crawling with her father’s allies, out seeking fortune and revenge. Mari must race to unlock the secrets of her sensual powers before everything they’ve strived for is ripped away.

Hers to Rule is the scorching introduction to a series that explores the intimate lives of the paranormal denizens of Sin City. If you enjoy spicy, fast burns with a side of action, a sassy heroine finding her power, and multiple partners, this book is for you.


This book is filled to the brim with all the spicy goodness. Honestly, it's 80 percent smut and 20 percent plot. The plot that is there is beautiful, dark, and twisty.
-Goodreads Review




The magic is in her blood, and she never knew.

Sometimes young women go missing in Moonlight Bay, Oregon, but Dari Jiménez decided the sleepy college there was still the one for her. When a supernatural monster attacks Dari and her boyfriend in a dark stairwell, the struggle with everyday drama is swept aside. 

A tough, tattooed woman with a mohawk rescues Dari and introduces her to the arcane secrets of her birthright as the last member of an ages-old bloodline sworn to combat an invasion of elemental fiends tearing through the veil between their world and ours.

Now she has to somehow fit magical combat lessons between her regular classes, all while keeping the hidden world she’s neck-deep in secret from the people she cares about. Her boyfriend Tyler is starting to suspect something is up, and she can only send him across town to get her vegan tacos in the middle of a monster attack so many times before he’ll figure it out.

Summoner’s Circle is the twisty first book of a new adult urban fantasy series that will keep you guessing until the very last page. If you like sassy heroines, mythical creatures, and uncovering hidden magical worlds, this book is for you.


A very entertaining, fast moving plot with twists and action. A good urban fantasy book.
-Goodreads Review




Unleash the power within—where the truth is carved in stone.

In a world where one man's gift could alter the course of nations, Vanson finds himself burdened by a talent he never asked for. Renouncing his past and fleeing from his own blood, he seeks solace far from the shadows of war. But fate has other plans.

During his journey Vanson navigates the treacherous paths of a continent haunted by his past. With debts mounting and enemies closing in, he's thrust into a precarious dance of survival. However, salvation comes in the unexpected form of a mysterious swordswoman, wielding both blade and secrets.

As Vanson grapples with trust and betrayal, he's forced to confront the ghosts he thought he'd left behind. With each step, he inches closer to the truth about his identity and the sinister forces that seek to manipulate him. But will he unravel the mysteries surrounding him before it's too late?

Join Vanson on a quest where alliances are forged in the crucible of danger and every decision could mean life or death. Stoneshaper is a riveting tale of resilience, intrigue, and redemption. Prepare to be swept away into a world where the bonds of brotherhood are tested, and the true meaning of freedom is discovered amidst the chaos of war.


Good world building and outstanding characters make for a entertaining read. Recommend this book wholeheartedly.
- Goodreads Review






When the waters rose, first came the plagues, then came the demons, and finally came the angels. 

But not everything that comes from the sky is heaven-sent.

Camila López is determined to hold back the rising tide. But with demons crawling out of the murky waters surrounding Old Nueva York, being half-angel doesn't feel like enough. She battles the darkness alongside her best friends, and finds a powerful ally in a man who tempts her with the safety she’s always craved.

When the attacks escalate, Camila protects the people she loves by smiting every fiend she encounters with angelfire. But through it all, the motivations of the Church leave her with more questions than answers, especially when it comes to angels, and to defend her city she must discover the truth.

Learning that truth may be the weapon they finally need to defeat the monsters. Or it may destroy the delicate balance that’s held the city together this long. 

Inundation is the thrilling first book in the Children of Angels post-apocalyptic fantasy series. If you like diverse characters, complex relationships, and explosive twists and turns, then you’ll love this fight for the future. 


Moore juggles a number of very well delineated characters who belong to overlapping groups in a very heady, and at times steamy, novel. Her ability to convey the ins and outs of this society while at the same time moving the plot forward is uncanny.

- Goodreads review




Love blooms in the cruelest places.

In a world consumed by oppression and cruelty, one woman dares to defy the norm. Sindari has survived years under the iron fist of the Dominion, mastering the art of survival by choosing her battles wisely. But her fate takes a drastic turn when she's thrust into the hands of Lord Devin, known for his brutality.

As Sindari navigates this new and dangerous landscape, she discovers a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. Lord Devin harbors a secret–he's been silently resisting the empire for years, rallying a clandestine group of rebels who refuse to surrender to tyranny. With their support, Sindari learns that she possesses a remarkable gift–the ability to harness the power of the storm itself.

United by their shared desire for freedom, Sindari and her newfound allies embark on a perilous journey to challenge the empire's dominance. But as they plot in the shadows, they must tread carefully to evade detection, for the consequences of discovery are dire. Together, they face insurmountable odds, fighting for justice and liberation in a world where hope is a scarce commodity.

Elements of Rebellion is more than just a story–it's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love in the face of adversity. Join Sindari and her companions as they defy the odds, igniting a revolution that will shake the foundations of their world. Dare to dream, dare to resist–for in the darkest of times, even the smallest spark of rebellion can ignite a revolution.

O7tsLL4eYfj (3)_edited.png



The scent of blood lingers, and the hunt is on.

Brand was raised to rule the Broods of Fenrir, but he’s shunned his destiny for decades, repelled by the brutality and discord within the wolf shifter society. But when a grisly murder stains the streets of Denver and one of the brood is implicated, he’s dragged right back into the heart of the savagery.

While investigating the murder, the disappearance of shifters in the local area, and a strange red wolf that stalks the shadows of the winter nights, he encounters the one thing that might finally bring him to his knees—and she has silver eyes. 

With this new tempting distraction and the full moon approaching, unraveling the mysteries before him becomes more treacherous when the friend Brand swore to protect vanishes, and an old enemy is to blame.

Challenging this particular foe will draw the attention of the most powerful of his kind and paint a target on the back of the woman he’s falling for.

As danger threatens those he cares for most, he’s faced with an impossible choice. Will he take up the throne he once denied or watch his world spiral further into chaos?

Broods of Fenrir is the first book of a gripping saga that delves into betrayal, redemption, and the primal forces that bind us all. Prepare to be enthralled by a world where loyalties are tested, and the fine line between humanity and savagery blurs. 

Broods of Fenrir.png

The concept was wonderful, the world build stunning, and the action kept me turning the page.
-Amazon Review




Compassion is the mark of the true alpha.

When Brand finds himself thrust into leadership after the demise of his sadistic brother, he must navigate a treacherous path of change to secure the future of the Vancouver brood. With the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, he teams up with Gunni, grappling with his own grief, to track down a ruthless tracker who threatens their kin.

Enter Leo, an outsider drawn into the world of shifters, who finds himself at odds with the Broods of Fenrir. As alliances form and secrets simmer beneath the surface, Leo and Gunni are thrust into a perilous journey through a relentless blizzard, where trust becomes their only lifeline. Neither one of them is comfortable with the emotions that bloom in the space between them, but how long will they be able to resist as the moon approaches full?

Amidst the chaos, Brand and his allies must confront challenges from within, guarding a secret that could unravel everything they hold dear.

Marked by Odin delivers a pulse-pounding narrative filled with heart-melting alphas, the resilience of found family, and the allure of fated mates. If you crave an enthralling read that seamlessly blends the primal with the contemporary, look no further than this gripping tale of courage, loyalty, and love.

Marked by Odin.png


Weave Your Worlds Thread by Thread

Published in Kobold's Guide to Worldbuilding, Volume 2

April 2022

Sustaining Memory

Published in Diabolical Plots

August 2016
Available on my Patreon!

Flora 2.0

Published in Solarpunk Magazine

January 2022
Available on my Patreon!

The Night You Were a Comet

Published in Alien Artifacts 

August, 2016
Available on my Patreon!

The Right Dragon

Published in Lightspeed Magazine

October 2021
Available on my Patreon!

Most AIs are Jerks

Published in Secrets of the Goat People

February 2017
Available on my Patreon!

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