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Image by Milos Prelevic

I'm Starting A Podcast!

I'm starting a podcast with a friend of mine who is also an author, T.J. Deschamps. The podcast is all about the paranormal genre (which we both love!) and we've got fun topics lined up for a bunch of episodes. We've also got some guests lined up who will bring more energy and more fun to the conversation.

The podcast is called Paranormal Wishes and you should be able to find it at all podcasting locations. But here's the just in case.

We've got one episode already available for listening, it's about Defining Paranormal as a genre. And we're getting our second episode ready for you as we speak. That one will be about Paranormal Shows and Movies.

Along with that podcast we're also launching a Discord for listeners and readers of our books, and we'd love to have you join us there to talk about paranormal business. You can find our Discord here.


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