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Image by Milos Prelevic

Book Availability Updates

I have finished the migration from Smashwords, so the all of my older books should now be available once again at all the usual places. The changeover was a little bumpy, but mostly because I was working with some older cover files that didn't want to cooperate. (I will eventually recover all of those books, but all things in their time.)

I've also extended the paperback availability to a couple of new places that I'm experimenting with (Ingramspark and Bookvault). Both of those should mean that all of my books will be more available for ordering in bookstores.

The most exciting news though is that I've set up my own shopfront on Gumroad that you can see here:

Right now only eBooks are available there, but eventually we'll get some physical options up on there. I'm just trying to work out the particulars.

EBooks ordered through there are delivered through BookFunnel so they should be a cinch to get to your reader of choice, or even read through their app.

Why should buy from that shop? Well, because I'm not going through online retailers I get a little more of the cover price, so I can offer you a discount on the pricing you would get from them and still make out better.


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