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Image by Milos Prelevic

Introducing My Patreon

Hello friends!
I'm here today to tell you about my brand new Patreon. I'm going to be using that space as a repository for my fiction of all sizes, from drabbles to novels. That's also where I'm going to put all my behind-the-scenes content from my worlds, like related short stories, character interviews, and more! Cover reveals and other publication announcements will probably happen there first as well.

I also plan to use that space to experiment with new and exciting things, like audio, maybe a little video, and anything else that catches my fancy. All in all, it will be a place where I do the scary things I haven't tried before, and I think some of them will be wonderful. So hop on board there to see what I'm up to.

Right now I've only got a small handful of things up there, but I'll be posting my backlist over the next few months, novels included, and there will be fun new stuff soon!

💖 C



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