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Welcome to the

Story Sculpting Studio,

perpetually located at the corner of your creativity and my story know-how.


If you haven't guessed already, what we do in here is help stories achieve their most perfect forms.

Sculpting stories out of their material components isn't easy, but together we can make a masterpiece!

If you're feeling stuck, let me help you. I've been in that exact same place with my hands poised over the pieces of my story wondering what the fuck to do next more times than I can count. I know a lot of tricks to get your fingers moving again. We'll work together to diagnose what's going on with your story, and I'll help you figure out how to sculpt it into the work you've dreamed it could be.

Fixing broken stories is something I love to do. Together we'll find the weak spots and I'll help you shore them up so that the whole structure is stronger and more beautiful than ever.

When we're done sculpting, you'll have the confidence and clarity to finish the story the way you know it needs to end. That's because the thrill of putting the story back together once we've cracked it open will help you to figure out where it's going.

The story sculpting studio is for you if you've written part or all of your speculative fiction novel and:

  • You're stuck and don't know what to do next

  • Something isn't quite working but you don't know how to diagnose the problem

  • You're having trouble determining what happens next 

  • You're not sure if the ending as you've written it lands

  • You've received conflicting advice from beta readers or critique partners


Image by hannah grace

Over three months we'll meet every week. We'll talk about your intentions for the book and who you want your target audience to be. I'll read what you have so far and provide developmental editing advice that is tailored to you and your story. You'll leave with a plan for your story in hand and tools that will help you finish.

The Logistics:

  • One-on-one personalized coaching with me every week for 3 months

  • Text and email support in between sessions for burning questions

  • Expert critique and feedback

  • Developmental and content editing

  • Writing outline where applicable (if you’re the sort writer who thrives with type of preparation, and if not, then we’ll ditch the outline and prep the "clay")

  • Level of preparation that comes with this container is tailored to your writing process and style


Are your ready to invest in you and your story?

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