Free Fiction

A listing of my fiction available for free on my site. Comments always welcome.

The Sorceress Who Had No Heart – A young woman goes on an adventure to save her brothers and finds a dangerous world of magic.

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas Will be Canceled – Written during 2014 and published here on Christmas of the same year.

The Long Wait – A woman faces a decision that will change her life, and finds an answer she’s been looking for.

A Mother’s Love – A girl deals with the loss of her mother.

Beetle Juice – A man with the ability to create constructs in his dreams attempts to rescue a kidnapped woman.

Victory or De-Feet – A story of forbidden love, and feet.

Last Days of the Dragon – A young woman discovers that the last dragon, who protected her people for centuries, is dead.

Demonic Influence – A man encounters a demon.

Survivor – A story of star-crossed love, and zombies.

Running Dark – The memoir of a dying man.

Incendius – The story of a girl who’s too hot to handle.

Plague Vector – It all started when frogs fell from the sky.

Terminal Velocity – I bet you’ve never seen a frog fly.

Red – A twisted retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

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