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I'm available for

Freelance Writing & Editing

So you're looking for a writer?



I'm available to write speculative fiction in all flavors, shapes, and sizes. I've written to contract and to deadline at a variety of lengths, and have experience matching to tone and voice. I'm happy to provide writing samples and discuss rates for your project. 


I can also write non-fiction articles and essays on a variety of topics, from television to gaming to worldbuilding and can provide samples of that as well. I also have experience writing for games.


I have years of experience reading submission piles in a timely fashion and selecting stories for both anthologies and magazines. I'm happy to guest edit your speculative fiction publication for a fee. I also offer developmental editing services for speculative fiction (story, character, and structure) for 3 cents a word. Finally, I have edited TTRPG adventures and collections for D&D 5e.


Check my about page for details of past employment. Use the contact form below to tell me a bit about your project for all of these options.

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