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I am currently contemplating The Dreaded Prologue. I know. I know. Everyone says not to do it, and their arguments make sense. You don’t want to front-load your story with too much history. You don’t want to info-dump. Above all, you don’t want to bore your readers. The thing is, I think my story might need it. The road to Helheim is paved with that phrase as far as I’m concerned, but hear me out… My were-story currently starts with a business meeting which concludes with my main character getting two assignments. That’s great, right? Well, the assignments...

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The first thing I remember writing is a report on dinosaurs that I wrote in the third grade. I was excited when I heard about the assignment. I loved dinosaurs. The teacher went around giving every student one as the subject of their report. Would I get the fierce T-rex, or maybe the Triceratops? I always liked the Stegosaurus. When she got to me, the teacher said, “Your report will be on the Allosaurus.” I blinked in confusion. (Maybe not really, but I needed some kind of action there.) I’d never heard of an Allosaurus. What the hell was this lady playing at? That was no...

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Rewriting History

Posted by on Apr 28, 2011 in General Chaos, Word of the Day | 2 comments

So I spent today trying desperately not to rewrite scenes from the novel I just finished. I’m trying to give it a rest. Instead, I rewrote history! The creation story of my werewolves in Brood is something I’ve known all along, but never really wrote out, so I took the time today to scrawl a few paragraphs on how they came to be what they are. I also decided based on some research that I’m going to drop the ‘s’ from Broods. It’s not a big deal, but one translation of the Völuspá–the skaldic poem I got the idea from–uses the singular Brood, and...

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Happy Sunday of the Paschal Full Moon

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How do you like the new look? I almost went with something a bit more girly, with flowers and such. I suppose it was the influence of spring. I looked at it the next day and realized that it just wasn’t me. That much pink on a daily basis would probably make me break out in hives. Plus considering what I write, cute little flowers might give the wrong impression. As an amusing side note, when I took down the flowers the husband asked why and I responded with, “It was too girly.” He chuckled and said, “You are a girl.” I didn’t care much for his tone. It...

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Over the weekend I wrote quite a lot. It felt good. I also finally got an idea where the end of Broods is going. I’m over 50k words right now, with possibly another 10k to go. I’m very excited. I was worried that I’d just have to keep writing after I’d passed my theoretical wordcount total and hope I could figure something out after. Now we’ll see if I can do the ending in my head justice. In case you missed it in the comments of my rant post, the talented Jennifer Hudock started a Goodreads book club called Chicks with Swords. Where we’ll be reading a...

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Ryan’s Word 4/13: parvenu

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Parvenu is another word for nouveau-riche, someone who has experienced a sudden rise in status.

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