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Science Affliction #18

Posted by on Jul 8, 2016 in Story Fodder | 0 comments

Some cool science news this week and I hadn’t done a science roundup in far too long anyway, so here you are! The Juno Spacecraft entered Jupiter’s orbit on July 4th. If you have time watch some of the videos. I just love watching space nerds celebrate. In the coming weeks and months we should get some really exciting discoveries out of the Juno team. Much excite! Scientists use tiny solar panels and bacteria to produce fuel from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide and water, with higher efficiency than plants. A huge leap for truly sustainable energy on a massive scale, and...

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Guest Post: Daniel Bensen

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Guest Posts, Story Fodder | 0 comments

Today I have for you a guest post from a fellow science afflicted author who I’ve had some very cool biology conversations with on a writing forum we both frequent. If you ever wanted to know the how something as amazing and sophisticated as flight evolved, read on!   How Dinosaurs can fix the Evolution of Flight by Daniel Bensen When I pitched my “How Dinosaurs can fix your…” series of essays to the good people of the Codex writers’ forum, I expected (and mostly got) requests for writerly advice such as “How Dinosaurs can fix your Routine” or...

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Science Affliction #17

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Welcome back to Science Affliction! Why? Mostly because I realized I’d collected enough interesting science stuff and nonsense to fill a post. And I haven’t posted in a while on science topics so it felt like it was time. Un) More than you ever thought there was to know about Pluto. Ice volcanoes! Fast spinning moons! Pluto is even weirder than we thought. It’s going to take about a year for us to get all the data from the Pluto fly-by, and I’m looking forward to what else we can learn from our favorite not-planet-planet. Related, we found a new dwarf planet last week...

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Science Affliction #16

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Today’s edition of Science Affliction is brought to you by the letter N and the number 100 billion. It’s been a while since I did a science round up, so I thought I’d get off my duff and put together a list of recent interesting science news with the hope that it will motivate me to write some fiction. A disembodied rat brain can fly an airplane. No, seriously. Scientists removed neurons from rats and grew a new “brain” that they hooked up to a flight simulator. The idea is that similar constructs could be used to take over complicated, dangerous tasks. Move...

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Science Affliction #15

Posted by on Jan 31, 2014 in Story Fodder | 2 comments

Going a bit of a different way with Science Affliction this week. All of the posts will be related to handedness and interesting scientific discoveries regarding the anomaly that left-handers make up such a relatively small portion of the population (about 10%). I’m afraid this post will come out a bit more like a research paper than “cool science news” so you may want to back away slowly and then run like hell. The idea for the topic of this post came from a video from a few years back from one of my science heroes, James Watson. He did a TEDTalk where he talked mostly...

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Science Affliction #13

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This week’s science links are brought you to by the letters Z and Q and the number e. ichi) An interesting article about Titan’s atmosphere and how similar (and different) it is to Earth’s. Proof that you don’t need to make up exciting new planets, there are plenty of real ones out there. ni) I linked a while back about the plastic garbage patch we’re growing out in the Pacific Ocean. Well now some scientists have discovered we’re growing another garbage dump in the deep ocean. Sounds like something out of a horror story to me. san) Pigeons can use...

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