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In case you missed it, one of my stories is available to read for free on Diabolical Plots this month. “Sustaining Memory” is a science fiction short story about a woman losing her memories one at a time to power a machine that could restore life to her dead planet. Memories are an interesting subject to write about because there are so many aspects of them that lend themselves easily to fantasy or science fiction stories. What I chose to examine was the impact memories have on our sense of self. The main character of the story must feed her memories into a machine that...

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Happy Birthday, Evernight Publishing!

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Evernight Celebrates 5 Years of Publishing! Thanks to readers like you, Evernight Publishing has grown by leaps and bounds in five years so they’re pulling out all the stops and throwing an extreme BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION BLOG HOP in your honor! That’s right! It’s Evernight’s birthday but YOU get the presents… Prizes include: Apple Watch Sport NEW Kindle Paperwhite Fitbit Flex Evernight, Amazon, and ARe Gift Certificates Plus, each author on the hop will offer his/her own special prize! I’m honored to celebrate this momentous occasion with Evernight. In addition to Evernight’s big...

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Getting Under the Skin

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I’m so very pleased to welcome the newest member of my fiction family: Skin Deep. This story is a Contemporary Erotic Romance with BDSM elements. The first in a series called Secrets at Midnight put out by Evernight Publishing, Skin Deep is about finding love in the aftermath of pain and loss. Here’s the blurb: Mirabel Soto disconnected herself from the many people and places that triggered memories of her husband following his death. She’s avoided everything that might remind her of him for three years and never looked back. Until the owner of Midnight, the BDSM club they...

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Moving Right Along

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First, in story news: Pre-orders are up for the first issue of Vitality, coming at the end of the month. If you would like a peek at the full table of contents you can see it here. “The Sorceress Who Had No Heart” is my favorite story that I’ve written so far, and I’m ridiculously proud of it, so I encourage you to run out and grab a copy of Vitality if you have an extra fiver to spare. Second, if you haven’t yet seen the new Shadowrun Kickstarter and you’re into cyperpunk and/or RPGs, run on over there and take a look. I dearly love the Shadowrun...

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Purgatory, the Final

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The fourth and final book in the Purgatory, Inc. collection is out today! Remember these are Paranormal Erotic Romances so please keep that in mind. Heart of Atlantis by Deidre Meyrick features a cursed merman and a treasure hunter. Sounds delicious, right? Here’s the blurble: Marin was a cursed merman. Where he once walked the streets of Atlantis—where he found his true love—he now swam, alone. Until he was offered a way out: out of his curse and into the heart of another. But would he be able to love another as he did his true love? Marley was a loner, a treasure hunter with wild...

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Purgatory the Third

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The third book in the Purgatory, Inc. series is out! Keep in mind all four books in this series are Paranormal Erotic Romances. Writing Your Own Ransom Note by Sam Schooler features a multiracial, bisexual hero and a love interest hellhound who likes McDonald’s and skinny jeans. I’m not sure what else I could tell you that would make you want to read more than that. A little bit about Sam: Sam Schooler is an Ohioan university student studying journalism with a minor in American Sign Language and a specialization in African American studies. She is both queer and genderqueer, and she...

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