How I Defeated The Dreaded Internet Rabbithole

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I have come to you today to tell you about how I have triumphed over the black hole that is the internet.


Okay, it may be a little early to celebrate, but I’m so excited about this change I’ve made and the fantastic results that I wanted to share it anyway. Last week I listened to a podcast by K. Tempest Bradford all about how to eliminate distractions so you can get your work done. I don’t know about you, but this is a problem I have. I’ll sit down to ‘work’ and then surface from some morass on the internet four hours later (or even more!) without having managed to do anything. In the linked podcast Tempest mentions quite a few tools, mostly apps for your browser and/or phone that can help. I tried a few of the ones she mentioned, but eventually settled on one that was slightly different, called StayFocused (this is a Chrome extension, not sure if it is available in other browsers). Basically, you tell it what websites are a problem for you and how long you want to be able to use them in a given workday, and it does all the rest. You can even set the hours of your workday, and days you want your lists to be enforced.

I went ahead and added my real problem websites, the ones that I can spend hours on without seeing the light of day (forums and social media mostly). I gave myself an hour a day to mess around on them, and after only a couple of days I’ve noticed a huge difference. Knowing that my browsing has limits has made me much more conscious of the amount of time I spend on them. I get my to do list done, and when my ‘work day’ is over I can browse whatever I want! It’s worked out very well so far and has helped me tremendously. I have a little tweaking to do with my blocked site list, and I may eventually even reduce my allowed play time, but overall I’m really happy with my increase in productivity already.

So, if you’re like me and easily distracted by all those open browser tabs, I suggest giving one of productivity increasing tools mentioned in that podcast a try.

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