Amazon to Local Writer: “Neener Neener.”

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A guest post from obscurity by Anne Holly

Amazon taunts me. I know if I close my profile page, it will laugh behind my back. Thus, I must keep staring at it, just to make sure.

As I write this, it happens to be October 10, 2012, exactly two years since my first book went up for sale. By some standards, two years is a very short time in a profession. By others, two years is nearly an elder. By Kindle author standards, I feel like I’m settling into middle age somewhere. But I’m rather letting myself go, I admit.

Since 2010, I have released two romance novels, five erotic-romance shorts, a romance novella, and one paranormal erotic story, and a few collections, and all have been greeted by the public with resounding yawns and/or complete disregard. It’s been a heady couple of years, basking in my own obscurity, let me tell you. If anyone needs a method for counteracting all that “I’m Special!” optimism instilled in people during grade school ribbon ceremonies, I highly recommend publishing to Kindle. A few years of that, and you might never feel special again.

So, okay, I might be cranking up the bitter here a little, for emphasis, but it’s my anniversary so I’ll give myself a chance to wallow. Frankly, you’re lucky I’m not drunk blogging this.

If this were a football game, would this be the time for a halftime speech? What should I say to myself? The way I see it, there are two options – “We’re not licked yet!” or “Screw this, let’s forfeit and go for pizza anyway!” I remain perpetually on the fence when it comes to these two possible paths, so I have no idea what to make my little Mind Coach say.

But, whichever way I go today or tomorrow, or next week, I can honestly say I don’t really regret giving this a go. I’ve enjoyed writing every one of my titles, in different and surprising ways, and I’ve loved hearing people say they enjoyed them. I might not be making any money at this (at all), but I am doing exactly what I always hoped I’d do – getting my words polished, published, and in front of readers. And that part is rather delightful.

However, I have one question: Did Amazon really have to debut its new “Author Ranking” system on my anniversary, just to make it was even more clear how much I suck at this business? Really, Amazon, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you had an evil sense of humour!


Anne Holly is a Canadian writer and teacher, and author of eleven titles currently available on Amazon, B&N, and elsewhere in both ebook and paperback. You can get to know her on her blog (, and  follow/befriend her on GoodReads, or on Facebook or Twitter. Check out her books on Amazon, if you’d like, and help keep her profile there from being overrun by cobwebs and squatters:

Anne’s most recent novel is Textbook Romance:

Chase after love? As a single mother, Professor Liberty Sullivan knows better. Between her flighty mother and a disastrous history with men, she’s pretty much soured on the whole concept of romance. Personal freedom and self-reliance are her new guiding mantras. Raising her son and being a career star are the most important things now.

Then she meets Seth.

An ex-cop who’s making a new life for himself and his daughter, Seth Webster has every reason to play it safe. Then he meets Liberty. Prickly about love, following some crazy anti-romance curriculum, she still makes Seth’s heart pound. And a lifetime of cop instinct tells him he’s about to teach Liberty that this romance will be anything but by the book.

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