Terminal Velocity

It’s embarrassing really, falling from the sky with no idea how you got there. I don’t remember what I was doing before The Fall, and I suppose it doesn’t matter. Right now it’s quite pleasant, actually. The rushing wind is exhilarating and the view—wow, you can’t beat it. I can tell though, that the ground is creeping closer with every second that passes.

How much time is left? Will it hurt?

Now I can see two specs below me. I can’t make out much from this height, but in a few moments that won’t be a problem anymore. They look like ants. I wish my tongue would reach. Don’t I deserve a last meal after all?

I’m closer now, and I can see the specs are actually men. The men walk along the banks of a river, talking. What a strange occurrence in the middle of the desert. For that matter, what am I doing in the desert? It’s a far cry from my tiny pond. I miss that place.

How did I get here anyway?

It doesn’t make any sense. There’s no way I could have gotten all the way up here. I’m a frog after all, and we can’t—

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