History of the Broods of Fenrir

The Broods of Fenrir descend from a race of werewolves enslaved by the barbarians of Northern Europe prior to the Viking Age. True origins lost to the centuries of oppression they endured, they became a fixture of Norse Mythology as the children of the wolf Fenrir and a giantess. Used as disposable shock troops by their masters, they ultimately became known as berserkers.

During the tenth century, several hundred of the Brood managed to fight their way to freedom and fled to Iceland. The Viking expansion into Iceland and Greenland thereafter was prompted by their relentless pursuit of the escaped slaves. When the Broods reached the shores of North America they integrated themselves into the extant cultures there and finally managed to elude their pursuers for good. Today they hide among humans in North America, their sub-culture a brutal reflection of their dark past.

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