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Writing Wednesday: Music Soothes the Writing Beast

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in Writing Life | 3 comments

Going to try something new for a few weeks and see how it goes. I’m going to try to post something about writing every Wednesday. It might be links to good advice or exercises, stuff I learned at writer camp, or something else entirely, but always related to writing. This week I’m going to talk about background music. Some writers are purists. They need to be one hundred percent immersed in their writing world in order for the ink to flow. That’s fine. If you’re one of those folks, more power to you in your cone of silence. Me, I need some music. Generally I find it...

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Stuff I Learned at Writer Camp Part 1

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in General Chaos, Writing Life | 2 comments

One of the most enlightening lectures we had all week was by author Laura J. Mixon. She discussed a concept I’d heard about before, that of writing happening in an almost trance-like state, in different context. She posited the idea that inside all of us creative types is an “other” who is in charge of the unconscious parts of the creation process. You could call it a muse, but Laura likes to call hers ‘the beast’. Over the course of the lecture she went over various ways to care for our inner beasts and how to help the connection between the conscious and...

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