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2015 In Review

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First, Happy New Year! I’m not much of a resolution maker, mostly because that sort of motivation really doesn’t work for me. Instead, I thought I’d make a ‘this is what I did last year’ post to keep myself accountable for 2016. Submission statistics are thanks to The Submission Grinder which is a fabulous tool for obsessively keeping track of your stories and submissions, if you’re into that, which clearly I am. 2015 Submissions: 89 Acceptances: 2 Form Rejections: 55 Personal Rejections: 17 Compared to 2014 Submissions: 40 Acceptances: 3 Form Rejections:...

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Tales of the Submission Carousel

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I was minding my own business this morning, doing my usual Saturday routine of updating my rejections in my submission log (I use Submission Grinder now which I highly recommend) and sending stories back out to new markets when I realized I’d crossed the 100 submission mark.  I stared at my numbers for a few minutes because I couldn’t really believe it. Submissions: 100 Rejections: 81 Acceptances: 5 Now, these numbers are not 100% accurate. I had sent out a handful of submissions before I went off to Viable Paradise in October of 2013, but the stories were just awful and really...

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Nine years ago today I got the call that my brother had passed away. It seems impossible that it’s been that long. So much of what I do every day is because of him, that sometimes I’m sure he must still be a phone call away. The truth that he’s not hurts at the most unexpected times. I wouldn’t be a writer if it wasn’t for him and this blog certainly wouldn’t be here. Writing was his dream; I just kind of stumbled along after him. And so here we are, nine years later: I’ve self-published two novels. I’ve received my master’s degree....

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Good News Everyone!

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I haven’t fixed the poison slime pipes, but I have sold a story! Some of you may have seen me mention it on Twitter or Facebook, but I didn’t want to release the name of the market until I had signed the contract, which I did just a little while ago. My story “Sustaining Memory” will be published on Diabolical Plots. I don’t have a date yet, but when I do I’ll share that information. If you have a few minutes and a love for Science Fiction and Fantasy, go browse the site–lots of great content there beyond just fiction. In other news, I’m off...

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Moore Writes #9

Posted by on Mar 14, 2014 in Writing Life | 1 comment

I realized today that I’ve gone more than a month without an update. It’s been a busy month, but that’s no excuse. I’ve gotten three new short stories done, made an editing pass on my novel, and took a workshop on plotting. All of that has left me very few words to spare on the blog, and I apologize for that. I don’t have much that I can show you, because I’m planning to submit almost all of what I’ve written, but what I can share is the finalized (at least until I change my mind again) pitch for Summoner’s Circle: Young women go missing in...

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Moore Writes #8

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As of this writing I have four stories out on submission to various markets. I don’t mind telling you, I feel like a bit of a badass. A year ago I had only submitted two stories ever, and those only to one market each, and promptly locked my form rejections away where no one would ever see them. These days I have a different philosophy about the rejection carousel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still terrified of rejection and I likely always will be, but each time I send a story out I feel a little less like the entirety of who I am is being judged based on a few words on a...

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