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Top Seven TV Shows

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Television Reviews | 0 comments

Continuing the theme of last week’s post, but this time collecting my favorites for the small screen. This list is much harder for me to winnow down, mostly because there’s always a tendency for shows that are still on air to bump other deserving series off. What I’m currently binge watching also seems much better than it should probably rate it in an overall list just because of the recency. In the end, I decided to go with the shows I watch over and over again.   1. Veronica Mars For me, this is the holy grail: smart dialogue, amazing acting, crisp writing. Veronica...

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Review of Voltron (2016)

Posted by on Jun 14, 2016 in Television Reviews | 0 comments

Hello my lovlies! Over the weekend I binge watched the new Voltron on Netflix so I thought I’d come on here and blather about it a little so you can figure out if you want to watch it or not. This will be relatively spoiler-free and will mostly be about generalities rather than plot points. Like many people about my age, Voltron was a pretty important part of my childhood. In fact, if I have to hang my love of SFF on any one thing, it was probably my love of giant robot cartoons (Robotech was my other love). Since Voltron was so near and dear to my heart, I was a little bit...

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Review of Lost Girl, Seasons 1 – 5

Posted by on May 14, 2016 in Television Reviews | 0 comments

Just yesterday I finished the final episode of the show Lost Girl. I was pretty late to the bandwagon. I only started watching it sometime early this year, around the time it was announced that they were in the middle of the final season. It’s a bittersweet feeling for me. On the one hand I don’t have to wait around years for the storyline to finish up. On the other hand I don’t feel like I got very much time with Bo and her cohort. Spoiler free summary: It’s a fun show. The writing is clever. Anna Silk is brilliant and funny. Kenzi is the bomb. The show is very...

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Review of Orphan Black, Season 1

Posted by on May 9, 2015 in Television Reviews | 0 comments

This review contains spoilers. Orphan Black is a scifi television series created by BBC America. The show takes place in Toronto, Canada and features as its main character Sarah Manning, a British punk rocker sort of girl who has predictably fallen in with the wrong crowd. The show starts with her on a train platform with the sense that she’s running from something and trying to come home. After a frustrating phone conversation, Sarah is shocked to discover another woman on the platform who looks just like her, and even more shocked when that other woman walks in front of a moving train....

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