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I hate the third of September. It’s the only day I actually hate. I wish September third had never been because I lost my brother eight years ago today. The rational part of me knows that even if there hadn’t been a third of September eight years ago I still would have gotten the early morning call, it just would have happened on another day. My inner five year old, however, is sure that if all September thirds were abolished, he would still be alive. I have dreams of him, often. In those dreams he is happy and we do silly things like ride around in a bus and catch fish. I wake...

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Fear and the Art of Motorcycle Riding

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I’m afraid of lots of things—spiders, germs, and that you’ll think I’m a moron, just to start. I’ve been thinking about the nature of fear a lot recently, and I’ve come to the conclusion that self-confidence and fear are in direct opposition to each other. This may not be ground-breaking news for anyone else, but for me it’s come as quite a surprise. A few months ago my husband suggested that we get motorcycles. Frankly, I thought he was kidding because, let’s face it, I’m way too neurotic for that shit. Some days I can barely manage to leave the house because some random thing might kill...

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Moore Writes #5

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Okay, so I really suck at this updating regularly thing. To those of you who know me, that’s no surprise. To those of you who are new here, that’s what you’re in for–infrequent and inconstant updates. Sorry, that’s just how this writer girl rolls. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, a bit of a state of the writing union. Forgotten Magic has officially been finished. The words “THE END” were written and everything. I haven’t started the editing process yet, because that’s the story I’m going to be workshopping the start...

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Am I a Caterpillar or a Butterfly?

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I wrote a poem last night. I was kind of shocked because I’m not really a poet. That wasn’t the only amazing thing about the experience though. I think it might have been the first moment when I actually thought, “Holy shit, I’m really a writer.” I’ll explain, because I’m sure that’s a little strange to hear from me. The poem summarizes a week’s worth of interesting experiences into a single moment that never really happened, but shows what those disparate points in time taught me when taken together. I’ve never really thought of...

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Moore Writes #3

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I bet you thought I forgot about you, didn’t you? Come on. You can admit it. Well I didn’t! It just so happens I was actually writing something new. Since November last year I haven’t written anything but Forgotten Magic so I’m kind of relieved I actually felt the itch this week. I decided to change the name of this little column, because I like how Moore Writes sounds. This is a bit of a character profile from something new. It will never make it into the book, but it’s part of my ‘getting to know you’ process to write out a few scenes with my...

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Finally, An Update

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First, let me start with an apology for not updating for a long while. Since the New Year I’ve had a whole bunch going on, but that’s really no excuse. Going forward I am going to do my absolute level best to update at least weekly, even if it’s some ridiculous nonsense, which it will likely be about half the time. Anyway, onwards and upwards. I’m on schedule to graduate from my Master’s program in May. The project I’ve decided to submit is the new novel I’m working on. I’m unsure as I’m writing this if I’ve mentioned what...

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