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A story about a Girl and an Astronaut

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I met an astronaut when I was in fifth grade. It wasn’t John Glenn, though his passing today has reminded me of the experience and the lasting impact it had on my life.   I was a girl who wasn’t particularly interested in math or science. What I was interested in was astronauts. I don’t know where the obsession came from. I’m a few years too young to be caught up in the moon landing craze, but for some reason astronauts have always seemed like the pinnacle of exploration and adventure. There was an essay contest for girls and the winners were going to the Talcott...

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Top Seven TV Shows

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Continuing the theme of last week’s post, but this time collecting my favorites for the small screen. This list is much harder for me to winnow down, mostly because there’s always a tendency for shows that are still on air to bump other deserving series off. What I’m currently binge watching also seems much better than it should probably rate it in an overall list just because of the recency. In the end, I decided to go with the shows I watch over and over again.   1. Veronica Mars For me, this is the holy grail: smart dialogue, amazing acting, crisp writing. Veronica...

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Top Seven Movies

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I saw this floating around on Twitter last week, and I knew 140 characters wasn’t going to be enough to say what I really wanted to say about all these movies, so I decided to make it a blog post instead. Here they are, in no particular order. The Abyss Adventures on an underwater drilling platform. To tell you much more is to spoil the best thing about this movie. Main female character is the on who designed the platform.                 Aliens It’s got everything: creepy aliens, space marines, women kicking ass, and most especially witty...

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In case you missed it, one of my stories is available to read for free on Diabolical Plots this month. “Sustaining Memory” is a science fiction short story about a woman losing her memories one at a time to power a machine that could restore life to her dead planet. Memories are an interesting subject to write about because there are so many aspects of them that lend themselves easily to fantasy or science fiction stories. What I chose to examine was the impact memories have on our sense of self. The main character of the story must feed her memories into a machine that...

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Making the Case for Empathy

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about empathy. The catalyst for all of this pondering was Pam Bondi speaking at the Republican National Convention. She said this: Hillary believes our enemies deserve our respect and empathy. The crowd booed. This reaction really got under my skin. The idea that we should treat our enemies without respect and empathy is monstrous. Full stop. Empathy is what makes us human. If we discard empathy, we lose an integral piece of our humanity. We lose the ability to understand the plight of others. We lose the ability to connect with others...

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