So Needless to Say

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So Needless to Say

Apparently I have things to say about television shows lately. So like my last post, this post comes with very strong spoiler warnings for both Season 4 of Veronica Mars and Season 4 of The Magicians. If you haven’t seen both of those season finales (or you just don’t care) look away now child of the light!

I’m serious. Big spoilers here. Turn back before it’s too late!

Okay, here we are in spoiler land. It’s nice here. The water is so warm. The reason I want to talk about both of these seasons at the same time is because of my last post. I spent quite a few words telling you why I thought the ending of Season 4 of Veronica Mars didn’t work. I spent a lot of time talking about the reasons, and they weren’t just the killing of a beloved character. Not really. And to prove my point I’m going to talk about the murder of another popular character-Quentin Coldwater.

You see, the latest seasons of these two shows are similar in a lot of ways. Both finales feature the killing of a major character near the end of the season. However, I feel like Veronica Mars failed at this and The Magicians managed it beautifully, and in this here post I’ll tell you why.

First, allowing us to see the grief of his friends in a final sing-along was a heart wrenching moment that allowed the audience to grieve as well. I was crying like a baby as the group sang Take On Me and I didn’t even particularly like Quentin very much. When Logan died I didn’t shed a single tear, and I loved Logan. A lot. The difference is that the hurried rush to *One Year Later* in VM didn’t give me a chance to see why Logan’s death mattered. It felt like it was no big deal, like life just went on without Logan and no one really cared all that much. I mean hell, even just give me Dick Casablancas being sad if you don’t want to show Veronica being vulnerable, that would have been fine.

Second, the finale of The Magicians gave the audience time which I think was necessary to properly process our feelings on the death and not feel cheated. Mostly in the aftermath of Veronica Mars Season 4 I just felt angry, and that’s not how you want to leave your audience. You can leave them concerned, but not angry.

Third, The Magicians finale helped transition to the next season far better than Veronica Mars. By the time the credits rolled on The Magicians Season 4, I already understand that the next chapter in their lives would be about how the other characters deal with Quentin’s death. I can tell because that’s what they are all thinking about when the season ends. What is Veronica Mars season 5 going to be about? I don’t know, and I’m not sure I really care. Seriously, this isn’t how you want to leave your audience, because if I have to consider if I even care about your next season already, I’m just going to watch something else.

Damn that episode was some of the best TV I’ve seen in a while.

So, for me Veronica Mars Season 4 joins Torchwood Season 3 as ejected from my headcanon. I will pretend it doesn’t exist and won’t watch any more (except possibly previous seasons although honestly my taste for even that has soured). As far as I’m concerned VM ended with the movie, as is right and proper. Meanwhile I can’t wait for Season 5 of The Magicians.

Okay, that’s all for now my friends. Hugs & Puppies,


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