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I saw this floating around on Twitter last week, and I knew 140 characters wasn’t going to be enough to say what I really wanted to say about all these movies, so I decided to make it a blog post instead. Here they are, in no particular order.

Abyss PosterThe Abyss

Adventures on an underwater drilling platform. To tell you much more is to spoil the best thing about this movie. Main female character is the on who designed the platform.










It’s got everything: creepy aliens, space marines, women kicking ass, and most especially witty banter. Ripley might be the quintessential strong female character, and for good reason.









the-brothers-bloom.29336The Brothers Bloom

Ostensibly a movie about two brothers who make their way in the world by conning people, but Rachel Weisz’s character adds tremendous dimension and humor to this movie. It’s a little slow in places, but it is a beautiful and extremely emotional movie.








True_romanceTrue Romance

An unconventional meet cute followed by an unconventional romance. Alabama Worley might be the most underappreciated character ever in Hollywood.










A teenager’s baby brother is kidnapped by the Goblin King and taken to his castle. The only way for her to save him is for her to solve the labyrinth that bars her way. Although I said I would present these in no particular order, Labyrinth is far and away my favorite of the bunch. The reason is simple, the princess turns down the promise of love and goes out to save her brother. It’s campy as hell, but wonderful too.







the-princess-bride_posterThe Princess Bride

True love will always triumph. A princess is kidnapped and later rescued by a notorious pirate. Oh, it’s also a kissing movie.









The_Matrix_PosterThe Matrix

If there was a single movie that shaped my early adulthood, this was it. I remember my brother telling me, breathlessly, that I had to watch this movie. I wasn’t terribly interested, all I could remember about Keanu Reaves was that he’d been in Bill and Ted which was humorous, but definitely not one of my favorites. He wouldn’t tell me anything about it, and I’m so glad about that. I was hooked with the first scene.





After looking through my list, one thing became clear. I like movies where women are cast in unconventional roles. You could argue, I suppose, that Princess Buttercup is the most conventional of women roles, a princess, but I would ask you if you’ve seen the movie because not much is conventional about Buttercup.

I hesitate to say things like “this movie changed my life” but to a certain degree all the media we consume changes our lives, and to discount that is to ignore its impact. So I leave you with this, once again:

Representation matters.

If you haven’t see any of these, you should go find them now, you’re missing out.


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