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One of my favorite things about writing is the huge variety of tools and gadgets that you can use in the act. Everyone has their own favorites, and I thought I’d share some of mine over the next few weeks, along with a little bit about why I like them.

Like most writers, I have about four hundred pens squirreled all around my house and in a shocking number of containers.  Of all these pens, I have a few I dearly love, but my absolute favorite is the TWSBI Diamond 580AL Purple.

I got into fountain pens last year, after an acquaintance of mine Christie Yant was looking for a new home for her first fountain pen. She had found 20160617_124454her forever pen and wanted to pass some of her collection along to other people who might want to try. (I paid that good deed forward earlier this year when I rehomed that pen and another one after I’d found the TWSBI.) I’d been interested in fountain pens for a while, but I thought it was a little too intimidating to jump into with no experience. Long story short, I found a love for fountain pens that has turned over time into a full-on addiction. That brings me to where I am today.

Through all my research, the TWSBI is the best pen for the money. This pen retails around $50, but writes nicer than many much more expensive pens. The steel nib is buttery smooth, and I’ve yet to have the pen clog or malfunction in any way. I use a medium nib on mine, and I find that I like the thick and fluid lines the slightly fatter nibs give me.

I love the aesthetics of this pen too. The clear ink reservoir means that you can always see how much ink you have left and what color you have loaded. The beveled edges of the pen give it a distinct crystalline profile. Aluminium accents and striking coloration give the pen a sleek look.

20160617_124419The TWSBI has a nice weight and thickness, which I prefer in my pens but other people might find troublesome. The heft of the pen makes posting the cap a little unwieldy, but I don’t mind leaving the cap to the side as I write.

One negative that might be of interest to newer fountain pen users is that the piston refilling mechanism means you can’t use cartridges with this pen, only bottled ink. It is very easy to refill though, compared to many fountain pens, and I don’t think that should stop anyone from using this pen. I’ve used quite a few different types of inks in the TWSBI and have had no problems with any of them, though with the thicker nib some more watery inks can run a bit.

All told, I love this pen and use it daily for everything from journal entries to shopping lists. I highly recommend it to everyone, from novice fountain pen users to those who have used them for years.

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