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Hello my lovlies!

Over the weekend I binge watched the new Voltron on Netflix so I thought I’d come on here and blather about it a little so you can figure out if you want to watch it or not. This will be relatively spoiler-free and will mostly be about generalities rather than plot points. Like many people about my age, Voltron was a pretty important part of my childhood. In fact, if I have to hang my love of SFF on any one thing, it was probably my love of giant robot cartoons (Robotech was my other love).

Since Voltron was so near and dear to my heart, I was a little bit apprehensive about this retelling. I was worried that whatever joy I remembered would not translate well to forty-one year old me. Well, I didn’t have anything to worry about on that count, and neither do you. It was fun, and exciting, and if I have any complaint is that it was all over much too soon.

I thought the changes were really well done and help the story as a whole. Characters are largely the same in the broad strokes, but there is a lot more meaty detail for some of secondary characters than we got in the old series (at least the Americanized version, I don’t know about the original). I won’t go into any details here because there are some great surprises lurking and I don’t want to ruin them.

There’s a bit of a change of venue from the original, but it’s fairly easy to follow after the first few minutes, and I don’t think it detracts anything.

A wee bit repetitive with all the robot folding during the forming of Voltron, especially when watching all the episodes back-to-back. I kind of wished they had an abbreviated Voltron forming video, or maybe an alternate one where you see different angles or something. This was a weakness of the original show as well, at least in my experience.

Princess Allura is a badass, and I’m so much happier with her new incarnation. She’s fierce and decisive. She’s also dark-skinned and has pointy ears!

I think a little more could have been done on the diversity front. Hunk is darkish-toned, but everyone else (aside from Allura) in the cast is lily-white. From his name I think Shiro is supposed to be Japanese, but he certainly doesn’t read that way onscreen, but we’ll give them that one. I don’t see any reason why Lance or Keith couldn’t have been black, or Latino, or anything else aside from white boys. It’s a minor complaint, but worthy of consideration.

Overall, four awesome robotic lions out of five. Very nearly enough to form Voooooltron! Go forth and watch.

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