Review of Captain America: Civil War

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Okay, I think I’ve let enough time go by before reviewing that everyone had a reasonable chance to go watch the movie already. There will be some spoilers here, all below the jump, but I don’t think anything you couldn’t have gleaned from the trailer.

Completely spoiler free review: It’s a fine movie in a similar vein to all the other Marvel Comics Universe movies that have come before it. Lots of action, some funny bits, some sad bits, lots of angst.

More in depth and spoilery follows here. Look away! Look away!


So, here are my takeaways. I guess it’s going to seem like I didn’t like the movie, because most of them are negative, but I really didn’t dislike it at all. I’m glad I went to see it, and I would watch it again, but there were definite problems.

First, for me this wasn’t a Captain America movie. This was an Avengers movie. We spend at least as much time with the rest of the cast as Cap. Honestly, I’m not sure they could have made a Captain America movie that didn’t feel more like an Avengers movie, since it was established after Age of Ultron that he was in charge of the Avengers. And the inclusion of the large cast didn’t make the movie bad, by any means. It just didn’t feel like a Cap movie.

Second, I loved that the bad guy wasn’t some arch villain super badass. He’s just a guy that bad shit has happened to, and he’s angry. I loved that he was just a smart dude who had a plan. Unfortunately this leads directly to number three.

Third, some of the stuff that happens really strains credulity. There are some very important plot points that hinge on things happening just right. I’m not so keen on that. If dude spends all that time plotting, it just seems to me he wouldn’t leave that much to chance.

Fourth, while I liked most of the action scenes, for me the first one is just a wonderful bit of planning and choreography. It’s a combination chase/fight scene that was just a joy to watch. Unfortunately because it happens right at the start, the rest of the action seems almost lackluster in comparison.

Fifth, the inciting incident for me, just didn’t work. Without getting into too many details. One of the Newvengers does something that results in some deaths but doing this thing avoids many other deaths. They spend so much time angsting about this thing during the movie, and I just don’t agree that it was a bad choice or that there was even another choice to make. Clearly if they hadn’t gone there to deal with this event things would have been much worse.

568afc3d90c1cSixth, and finally, with all these damnedable flying people/constructs, how come SOMEONE can’t catch a falling body before it hits the ground. I just don’t get it at all and it made me really angry to watch. This was my face:

Anyway, I won’t offer any more on that, because I’m straying far too into spoiler territory, but once you see the movie I’m sure you’ll know what I mean.

All that said, I really did like it. It wasn’t as good as Winter Soldier for me, and it certainly wasn’t as good as either of the avengers movies, but it was solid, and I wasn’t sad I’d spent the money supporting Marvel. Three and one-half patriotic shields out of five from me.

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