Review of Lost Girl, Seasons 1 – 5

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Just yesterday I finished the final episode of the show Lost Girl. I was pretty late to the bandwagon. I only started watching it sometime early this year, around the time it was announced that they were in the middle of the final season. It’s a bittersweet feeling for me. On the one hand I don’t have to wait around years for the storyline to finish up. On the other hand I don’t feel like I got very much time with Bo and her cohort.

Spoiler free summary:

It’s a fun show. The writing is clever. Anna Silk is brilliant and funny. Kenzi is the bomb. The show is very pro-woman and extremely sex-positive (with a couple of small exceptions). There are enough pre-millennium pop culture references to make aging fans like me feel comfortable, even though I feel like the show skews very young with almost too much melodrama. Minor downside, it’s a world populated by overwhelmingly beautiful people and that wore on me after a few seasons. The sole not-gorgeous character turns out to have a lot of depth and I appreciate that, but really he’s just the token average-looking guy in a world full of uber-talented ass-kicking models.

I love how Bo’s character straddles the line between badass and vulnerable. The ending very nicely wraps things up while at the same time giving the impression that the world continues to go on, even if you aren’t watching. I might actually have to write some post-series fanfic, and I never do that.

Really just a good speculative show that I encourage you to try. The entire series from beginning to end is on Netflix right now!

Beware, mild spoilers (only of the first couple of episodes) below the jump:

Bo is a succubus who accidentally kills her boyfriend while they are getting it on for the first time. She flees the scene of the murder because she’s confused and ends up in a very strange world she had no idea existed. Throughout the first season the overwhelming arc is about the choice they are trying to force on Bo between aligning herself with the Light or the Dark fae. She opens up a PI firm to help humans with their weird and whacky problems that always end up being fae related because she promises her new bestie Kenzi that she will always watch out for the little guy. There’s a very interesting love triangle with a werewolf and a doctor that has a lot of heart-rending moments.

An overarching theme of the whole show ends up being that Bo wants to be who she is without having to follow a set of arbitrary rules put in place by <insert authority figure here>. It’s a message I approve of, and fits perfectly with Bo’s character arc.

I give it four sexy succubus kisses out of five.


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