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Okay, I guess that’s not really fair. It’s a post about everything! As I announced a few months ago, my day job ended on the last day of April. It was a bittersweet parting for me. I’d been working at that company for almost ten years. Truthfully, most of my identity as an adult revolved around that job and it was a little scary to consider it no longer being a part of my life. That said, I was tired of it too. I felt like it stifled my creativity and the stress created obstacles for my writing. When one door closes another usually opens. In this case my new door is a new and exciting life as a full-time writer, at least for the near future. Mostly I’m going to dedicate myself to writing fiction, but I’m going to see about some freelance non-fiction work as well to help pay the bills.

Since writing was what I did as a hobby for the last several years, I’ve done a little thinking about what I should use to replace it during my off-hours. I’ve chosen a trio of things that have interested me in passing over the last couple of years, but I never had the time to really dedicate myself to: Baking, Crochet, and Gardening. So you can probably expect to see some posts about those things popping up here occasionally. I have another website set up for my crochet pursuits, so if that’s something you’re interested in as well check it out over here.

I’ve also dedicated myself to learning new things while I take on this writing endeavor because I think it’s important to never stop learning, especially as a writer. Because apparently I have a thing for threes lately, I have a trio of those I’m working on too: Astrobiology, Mandolin, and Spanish. I like the eclectic collection of new skills I’m working on. I think they all tickle different parts of my brain, which is a good thing!

In terms of writing goals, I have a novel I’m supposed to finish by June first. Tune in to see if I make that deadline or not. I lay odds at about 50/50 right now. I’m also considering trying a story-a-week challenge once I’m done with that. I have a few weeks left to decide, so I’m still ruminating. I’m also committed to learning about screenwriting during the next year.2016-04-30 18.13.53

Oh! For those of you who still hadn’t heard somehow, I had my first reading last week! It was a darkly funny flash fiction story I wrote recently. I managed to get all the way through it, and people even laughed in all the right places. I was very nervous, but folks there said they couldn’t tell, so that worked out pretty well. As proof you can have a picture of me. Pretend I’m saying something funny.

So… yeah. I guess this was a post about nothing in particular, but lots of things in reality. Anyway, I’m going to head off to write some words. Cuz I’m a full-time writer now. Yeah. GUYS I’M A FULL TIME WRITER.

Hearts and puppies,


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