2015 In Review

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First, Happy New Year!

I’m not much of a resolution maker, mostly because that sort of motivation really doesn’t work for me. Instead, I thought I’d make a ‘this is what I did last year’ post to keep myself accountable for 2016. Submission statistics are thanks to The Submission Grinder which is a fabulous tool for obsessively keeping track of your stories and submissions, if you’re into that, which clearly I am.

Submissions: 89
Acceptances: 2
Form Rejections: 55
Personal Rejections: 17

Compared to 2014
Submissions: 40
Acceptances: 3
Form Rejections: 28
Personal Rejections: 6

My goal for 2015 was to get 60 submissions. I blew that out of the water. I more than doubled my number of personal rejections. While I didn’t get as many acceptances, I think I made more of an impression with editors which is demonstrated by the personals. I also sold my first science fiction story for pro-rates! PLUS, I managed to do all that while moving 3200 miles to my new home which I adore. I’m very proud of my progress in writer land, CIopRBNUwAA3RLgmost especially my membership in SFWA which has been one of my long-time goals.

The increased numbers of submissions for 2015 has really helped me dealing with the submission carousel. Don’t get me wrong, rejection still sucks, but when you have 10 stories out at a time each one that comes back stings a little less. Over the holidays my out on submission number has gone down a bit, but I’m hoping to get it back up in the next couple of weeks.

Something else I’m excited about is meeting a ton of wonderful writers last year at conventions and events throughout the year who inspired me to want to finish and sell more stories. Joining Codex was the single biggest change in this regard and I highly recommend that any writers out there who qualify run out and do exactly that.

My goals for 2016 are a little amorphous. I have two novels in progress that I want to complete this year so I need to back off a bit on my short story writing. I have to finish one novel before a workshop I’m going to in April so that I can pitch it to an agent who will be there. This particular agent has been #1 on my list since I started keeping a list, so I’m hoping to impress her with this one. That’s a pretty tight timeline for me, so we’ll see how that goes. For this reason I’m going to keep the same submission goal of 60 for 2016, hoping to focus more on writing than submitting.

All of this means I’m going to be crazy busy (hopefully) and totally not staring at nothing like I’ve been doing the past couple of months when I’m supposed to be writing.

CUJjJs7UEAAv2QaHearts and adorable spotted puppies,


The Prideful Space Needle photo was taken by the wonderful Jill who is one of the writers I met this year!

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