I Survived SmokeCon!

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As the title says, I managed to survive the Smokepocalypse at Sasquan this weekend. Mostly the weather was quite lovely, although on Friday the sky looked like this in the afternoon:


I made that my early night because I got a monster headache after being exposed to the smoke for a while. It smelled like the entire city was sitting inside a campfire. I felt sorry for people with lung ailments and I hope it rains there soon because the terrible air quality wasn’t fun.

Aside from it looking like the end of days one day out of four, Sasquan was pretty wonderful for me. I met so many great people that I’ve spoken with online and had some amazing conversations. Overall, I was left with sense that our little(?) community of nerds is so much more welcoming than I ever thought it was before.

I also got some encouraging feedback on the pitch and first few pages of Summoner’s Circle. Rereading parts of the book today before sending it out, I’m reminded how much I like that story. Here’s hoping it finds a home soon so you can all read it!

I didn’t attend many panels, but one that I did sit in on that I wanted to share was “How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You”. The idea came from an article by Graham Moore found here. My favorite piece of wisdom gleaned from this panel was when you have an intricate plot point that you smart character needs to figure out, try working backward. You can invent all manner of clever clues along the way if you already know what the answer to the question is.

In writerly news: Sunil Patel, a  fun chap I know from Twitter, wrote a helpful and informative series of articles about the Anatomy of a Sale. Where he relates, among other things, how he sold a thousand word kale joke to Asimov’s. The reason I’m bringing this up now is that he read us the aforementioned kale joke at Sasquan and it’s hilarious. Also what he has to say about submitting is important for writers to read.

And, just because I’ve got the stats handy I’ll give an update on the State of the Writing as of today.

Submissions: 51
Acceptances: 2
Form Rejections: 33
Personal Rejections: 6
I’m only 9 submissions away from my goal of 60 for this year! Pretty sure I’ll make it unless all of my stories currently out get accepted. I won’t cry if that happens. Promise. I do need at least one more acceptance before the year is out to tie last year, but there’s still plenty of time.

Scarf ninja, signing off.CNShsSdU8AAnZj8



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