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I haven’t fixed the poison slime pipes, but I have sold a story! Some of you may have seen me mention it on Twitter or Facebook, but I didn’t want to release the name of the market until I had signed the contract, which I did just a little while ago.

My story “Sustaining Memory” will be published on Diabolical Plots. I don’t have a date yet, but when I do I’ll share that information. If you have a few minutes and a love for Science Fiction and Fantasy, go browse the site–lots of great content there beyond just fiction.

In other news, I’m off tomorrow for WorldCon in Spokane. I’ve never been to a con this large, and I’m a little frightened I’ll be overwhelmed by it, but I’m also excited that it happened to be in my new backyard this year which gave me a unique opportunity to go. I’ll give an update after with details of what I did and saw.

Progress on Stoneshaper has been fairly nonexistent the last few months. I’ve decided my problem is that I like the story very much so far and I’m afraid of messing it up. I feel like once I make a few upcoming choices the story will veer one way or the other and I’m terrified of picking the ‘wrong’ one, though I’m not certain there even is a wrong choice to make. I have written a few new short stories though, so there’s an upside to my stagnation on that front at least.

I’ve been writing a lot of Science Fiction lately, much more than usual. I don’t know if there’s a specific reason for that, or if it’s just a pattern of my creativity I’ve never picked up on before. There’s also been a recurring theme involving memory which I’ve found particular interesting. The story I just sold was the beginning of that pattern so maybe this kind of thing is what I should be writing more!

In conclusion, here is a picture of Clementine being her usual adorable self.:


Hearts and puppies,


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  1. Yay! Congrats on the awesome sale!

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