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In my various travels around ye olde internets I found a pretty cool writing contest that I thought I’d share here: The Writers Lab. This contest seeks to match up women over 40 interested in screenwriting with mentors. I wish I had a screenplay ready to send to them, but alas, I don’t. Hopefully this is something they repeat next year.

Screenwriting is something I’ve thought about a lot. My writing is dialog heavy to start with. Most of my scenes come to me first as a snatch of dialog that gets filled in afterward with details. It’s also not really a secret that I’m a pretty big fan of visual media and if I could write a movie that someday got made, I’d be just plain tickled.

To that end, I’ve started collecting some resources to teach me how to wrangle this beast, since I have zero experience in the field. I thought I’d share them here in case anyone else has an interest.

  1. A quick overview of some of the nuts and bolts of screenplays.
  2. A good description of what a screenplay is and isn’t.
  3. Here’s a pretty basic walk-through of screenwriting.
  4. Anatomy of a screenplay.
  5. A collection of articles about screenwriting.
  6. The YouTube channel Every Frame A Painting is one of my favorite finds. Short videos about movie-making. While not directly screenwriting, it helps to understand some of the hurdles visual media faces.
  7. FILM CRIT HULK is one of my favorite internet personalities, and when I found out he wrote a screenwriting book, well I just had to have to have it. I haven’t started it yet, but I expect good things, especially since the blurb is all in caps. Hee.
  8. Save the Cat. This has been on my Amazon wishlist forever because it’s supposed to be a pretty great writing book. I’m finally getting off my butt to get it now because it’s directly related to screenwriting.

So, what are you favorite screenwriting resources?


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