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As I’ve been flailing around trying to figure out how to properly motivate myself, I came upon HabitRPG which is a  cute way to gamify tasks and goals. I have no idea if this will work for me, it’s much too early to tell, but so far it’s a nice way to track writing goals and streaks. There is even a writing guild which offers writing challenges. One of those was a neat idea I thought I’d share. On DeviantArt there’s a 100 Theme Challenge that offers five lists of simple themes. The goal associated with this is to write a ‘drabble’ for each theme a day–something between 250 and 1000 words. It can be a character profile, a setting idea, a thumbnail for use later, or even a stand-alone flash fiction piece. I thought I’d offer this for anyone else who has been struggling to write. It seems like a nice way to get your writer-brain engaged and working on something without pressure.

In this week’s episode of Rejection Rodeo, I’ve got six pieces currently making the rounds. I feel good about two of them. 30% approval of my output isn’t bad for me, so I’m going to run with it. I also realized one of the pieces I had been sending the last few weeks I’d already posted here and forgotten about. How embarrassing.

Just about done with chapter 1 of The New Novel so I feel like that goal is still a good one. It’s been fun to write in that world again. I forgot how much I liked the characters.

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