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I’ve been struggling to find motivation to write lately, so I thought maybe looking at things a different way would help. I pulled up my submission statistics and I was pretty impressed with what I found!

2013 2014 2015  Total
Submissions 5 39 15 59
Personal Rejections 1 8 2 11
Total Rejections 4 36 7 47
Acceptances 0 3 1 4
Pending 0 1 7 8

These only reflect short story submissions as my novel queries are counted on a separate site. I was pleased to see that I’m on pace for 45 submissions this year. That seems a reasonable goal, especially considering much of February and March was lost time. I’d like to also top my personal rejections and acceptances from last year, but since those aren’t within my control I’ll refrain from making goals for those.

Speaking of goals, during May I’m going to try to write a thumbnail for a new story each day. I’m not sure how it’s going to work out because I’ve never tried anything like this before, but hopefully I’ll at least get some good ideas out of it. I need to get Floyd engaged in the writing process again. He’s been a lazy monster lately and that’s just not acceptable. If he and I are going to be writing full-time in the near future, we’ve got to work together!

I also need to get off my butt and work on my new novel. I’ve been avoiding it for months now because I worked myself into a logical corner that I haven’t quite managed to find my way out of it yet. Let’s set a deadline for this, just to keep me honest. I’m going to finish chapter 1, which I’ve already got about half done, by the end of the month. That’s eminently reasonable, even at my current snail’s pace.

In sad/gross news, Shiva woke up with her face extremely swollen yesterday morning. She’d gotten in a fight with Clementine a week ago and it turns out one of the wounds from that fight abscessed quite badly. Took her to the vet this morning where they lanced the abscess and installed a drain. She’s currently bumping around the house with one of those giant cones around her head and is all-around quite miserable. *sigh* Poor girl.

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  1. Good job on the submissions! I like the idea of a thumbnail-a-day for May. Perhaps I’ll join you in that. Had an idea walking from bus to office for the structure of a story that built on some character detail I’d worked with earlier so that may turn into something for our May 3 critique meeting.

    • Oooh! Looking forward to seeing something new from you.

      I figure a thumbnail a day is achievable and still gives you something on the page with the potential to eventually become a story. Other folks on the forum I’m on are doing a story a day and I know I can’t keep up that pace. So yes, come join me! 🙂

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