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(I’m testing out some new posting apps today so apologies of this spams all my social media in an awful way, though I’m hopeful it will not.)

I’ve been slacking on blog posts, yet again. Mostly, I think, I just haven’t had much to say. Everything in the new house is going well. We spend a lot of our spare time exploring the area so that’s probably part of the reason for less posts, and writing in general, on my part.

The big news I have to share is a new member of our household. Those who follow me on Twitter of Facebook have likely seen her already, but this is Clementine!

CBS6aEyUMAAlXJOShe is a two year old Catahoula Leopard Dog. Lots of energy and very demanding of attention which is probably another reason I’m writing less. I’m happy that she’s adopted me as her person but at the same time she requires a lot of watching because she tends to get herself into trouble if she gets bored. She’s VERY smart. Probably too smart. Very athletic and quite the escape artist. She’s escaped the house while were gone through two different doors. She’s also stolen an entire frozen burrito and a stick of butter from the counter. For all of that, she’s very loving and sweet.

Shiva is… unimpressed so far. The new dog is too fast, too loud, and too rambunctious for her. They have had a few altercations, one that ended in a bleeding ear, but nothing too bad so far. Mostly just bluster. I’m not sure they will ever be best friends, but they are certainly siblings.

Clem and I will have to find some sort of job for her, and I’m hoping to start an agility class with her soon to burn some of her boundless energy. At the dog park she runs for over an hour with few stops and still seems ready to go for more when I’m tired of chasing her. We work on obedience at home which helps, but isn’t enough activity for her. I may also try a place nearby that specializes in herding lessons. One interesting and cool thing I read about Catahoulas is that they are the only herding breed that herds from the front rather than behind. In other words, they antagonize the animals they are trying to herd into following them rather than driving them from behind. This explains her exasperating tendency to bark directly into her sister’s ear. She’s really only trying to get Shiva to chase her, which doesn’t work because Shiva doesn’t understand chasing as play and never really has.

CChI-0TW0AAOVRrIn writing news there isn’t much. As I mentioned a few weeks ago I’m taking a class on narrative and diversity. The class is going well and I’ve gotten several good story ideas. One in particular has caught my attention and I’m going to try to write some words on it this weekend.

There’s been little movement on my novel in progress. I did manage to finish up the first scene in fairly good order, but I’m stuck on a plot point. It’s not hugely relevant to the area of the story I’m working on, but I need to know one of the character’s motivations before I can write much more of her. The issue is something that wouldn’t come up for about half the book, but it’s very important to how she would act in the first half and I just can’t get it right in my head.

On an only slightly related note, I really have to read more. This week I’ve been reading Ursula K Le Guin’s Left Hand of Darkness. I’m rather embarrassed to admit this is my first Le Guin novel, though I’ve read quite a few of her essays on writing. While it’s not really my cup of tea (more space fantasy than science fiction for my taste) it’s reminded me how much I miss reading regularly. I certainly have enough books and magazines to keep myself reading constantly, it’s just been my drive that’s been lacking. I’m going to try making a designated reading time each day and see if that helps. On that note, I should probably designate a writing time too. My most productive writing was during a period where I made myself sit at the keyboard with a document for two hours and didn’t let myself get up.

For someone who claims to be having trouble writing, I sure can ramble, can’t I? 🙂 Anyway, I’ll leave you to the rest of your day. I hope it’s sparkling!

Hearts and puppies,


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