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First, in story news: Pre-orders are up for the first issue of Vitality, coming at the end of the month. If you would like a peek at the full table of contents you can see it here. “The Sorceress Who Had No Heart” is my favorite story that I’ve written so far, and I’m ridiculously proud of it, so I encourage you to run out and grab a copy of Vitality if you have an extra fiver to spare.

Second, if you haven’t yet seen the new Shadowrun Kickstarter and you’re into cyperpunk and/or RPGs, run on over there and take a look. I dearly love the Shadowrun franchise and it is my absolute joy to share it with you.

Third, the site redesign in is progress and going well. I’m working with the wonderful artist that designed the cover for Inspiration For Hire, Jay Aheer. She’s making several images for me, but I wanted to share the logo she painted in advance of the new page release:


I <3 my new logo. So very much. I’m going to make it into stationary and I think post cards, along with having it on my site. Jay is a wonderful artist who I can’t say enough positive things about. Check out her website to see her art!

Fourth, Month of Letters is still on! While it’s now too late for you to get a Valentine, I’m going to be sending out postcards during my cross-country drive from random interesting places along the way and if you’d like to get one, please fill out this form.

Last, some candy for your eyes:

Hearts and puppies,


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