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So I’ve decided in my finite wisdom that my ideal blogging interval should be once a week and I’ve picked Friday as my day (mostly because that’s the day I’ve been putting up my Purgatory, Inc. posts for the last month and it felt like a good habit to continue but secondarily because I have an unnatural affinity for the above-referenced Cure song). I’m not sure what I’m going to post about today, because I hadn’t really planned on anything, so this might be a failure right out of the gate. Let’s hope not.

I’ve been thinking a lot about cycles today. The cycle of the seasons. The cycle of our daily routines. Humans are hugely pattern-driven. We find comfort in recognizable patterns and I think that’s why everything seems cyclical to us. If we know what and when things are going to happen, we can predict and plan, which is really what these huge brains of ours are good at, after all. So we try to find cycles in everything as a way of decoding the world. I wonder how moving across the country, where the daily patterns and cycles of my life will be necessarily different, will affect me. Maybe I’ll decide that all this writing stuff isn’t for me. Maybe I’ll want to join a commune. Maybe I’ll have the urge to knit sweaters for goats. I just don’t know.

I probably should find this more unsettling than I do. I’m actually quite looking forward to the experience of learning about myself again. It feels like a fresh start and it’s been a long while since I’ve had one of those. Every computer needs a reboot once in a while, and I think brains are no exception. Get out of that cycle. Get rid of what’s not helping to move forward. Get on with something else. That’s the theme of my life these days, moving on.

Month of letters is going swimmingly so far. I’m five days in and haven’t missed. Only 19 more to go! If you haven’t yet signed up, here’s the form where you can provide me your address and I’ll mail something to you during the month of February. It might be a letter. It might be a postcard for an exotic location such as Wisconsin. It might be something cute in a small package. You just don’t know! There’s only one way to find out.

So, I guess today’s blog post was brought to you by the moon and the wonder of the human brain.









Hearts and puppies,


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