Purgatory, the Final

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heartofatlantis1mThe fourth and final book in the Purgatory, Inc. collection is out today! Remember these are Paranormal Erotic Romances so please keep that in mind.

Heart of Atlantis by Deidre Meyrick features a cursed merman and a treasure hunter. Sounds delicious, right? Here’s the blurble:

Marin was a cursed merman. Where he once walked the streets of Atlantis—where he found his true love—he now swam, alone. Until he was offered a way out: out of his curse and into the heart of another. But would he be able to love another as he did his true love?

Marley was a loner, a treasure hunter with wild theories about Atlantis who fantasized about mermen. He’d always felt a little out of place, always searching for something, and wanting nothing more than to belong to someone completely.

Between them lay several lifetimes and a wicked sorceress bent on possession. Is a soul deep connection enough to bring them together and to break a curse that was meant to never be broken?

A bit about Deidre (this is her first book release so why not stop by her Facebook or Twitter to say hello!) :

Deidre Meyrick is a lover of happy endings, and believes in taking advantage of the good in any moment. She’s a glass half full kind of optimist with a dash of realism and hedonism thrown in, and maybe a splash of rum for good measure. We only live once, right? She’s lived in several states but calls the Florida coast home, where on any given day you may find her sitting on the beach with her toes in the sand and a notebook in her hand.

Buy Heart of Atlantis here:

Evernight Publishing

Amazon (US)



Purgatory CollectionOther books in the Purgatory, Inc. series:

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