Purgatory the Third

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The third book in the Purgatory, Inc. series is out! Keep in mind all four books in this series are Paranormal Erotic Romances.

Writing Your Own Ransom Note by Sam Schooler features a multiracial, bisexual hero and a love interest hellhound who likes McDonald’s and skinny jeans. I’m not sure what else I could tell you that would make you want to read more than that.

A little bit about Sam:

Sam Schooler is an Ohioan university student studying journalism with a minor in American Sign Language and a specialization in African American studies. She is both queer and genderqueer, and she has found a home in writing trope-themed New Adult stories about people of all genders and orientations. She has a wicked and extremely noticeable soft spot for werewolves. After graduation, she intends to flee to Canada to join her fiancée Alex and escape the customs regulations that keep her separated from her truest love: Kinder Eggs. Jeremy Renner played her in a movie once.

Here’s the blurb:

Jazz Chaillet is your average college student: caffeinating his way through his tough chemistry program, working as many hours as he can at his bakery job to offset crushing student loans…and being hunted by a hellhound.

According to the hellhound, Pyxis, tampering with dark magic has Jazz’s soul in a state of swift decay. The only problem? Jazz’s studying regimen doesn’t include witchcraft. In order to sniff out the real witch, Pyxis and Jazz will have to intimately connect to one another—in soul and body.

Find Writing Your Own Ransom Note at these retailers:

All Romance

Evernight Publishing


Purgatory Collection

Other books in the Purgatory, Inc. series:

Saving Sam by Nikka Michaels

Inspiration for Hire by Me

Heart of Atlantis by Deidra Meyrick comes out out January 30th.

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