2014 Round Up

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First, a few numbers!

Short Story submission statistics:

Submissions: 39

Acceptances: 2 (both coming in January)

Personal Rejections: 6

Form Rejections: 27

Pending: 4

Publications: 1 + 1 Honorable Mention


Novel query statistics:

Submissions: 4

Form Rejections: 3

Pending: 1


I’m ridiculously pleased with my writing progress in 2014.  I submitted things! I published things! I experienced the horror that is rejection! All in all it was a great year for me and the first where I actually felt like a real writer. I learned so much about writing from my peers and instructors, and I wrote some pretty great stories.

I can’t wait for you all to read “The Sorceress Who Had No Heart” in Vitality Magazine in January. For me, it’s the perfect example of how much I’ve grown as a writer and how much I’ve learned this year.

I don’t really do the resolution thing, but I will renew my dedication to writing diverse characters in powerful stories. I even made the–perhaps a bit reckless–solemn vow to never write another straight white dude protagonist during 2014 and I intend to stick with it. Here’s what I’ve got in the works as of today: a novella(?) about a swordswoman who has sworn her life to protecting a down-on-his-luck gambler and magician, a heart-rending (no, really, it’s made me cry twice already) short story about a widow and the veteran she tries to save, and a lesbian jaguar shapeshifter novel.

I wish you joy and health in the coming year and I look forward to experiencing it with you!

Hearts and puppies,


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