Viable Paradise Cookbook!

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Hello VP Alum and Staffers,

A few of us from last year’s class were very homesick when Mac started talking about VP food on Twitter. That got me to thinking that we should have a Viable Paradise Cookbook! I’m far from the first to have this idea, and I’ve seen it a few times so I can’t give proper credit to the originator, but it’s too fantastic an idea to let float any longer.

I’m going to take on the task of collecting and organizing recipes into some sort of printable format (yet to be determined and that’s something we can discuss) so that we can all have a little piece of Viable Paradise exactly when we need it.

There will be two sections to this culinary masterpiece: First, a section for the “official” VP recipes: Mac’s marvelous curry, Bart’s fudge, Uncle Jim’s pancakes, etc. Second, a section for alum and staffers to provide yummy recipes (inspired by VP or not) to share with everyone.

I’ve made an email address for the project to keep everything organized: viableparadisecookbook at gmail dot com. If you’d like to help out or contribute a recipe (pictures of food you enjoyed at VP also enthusiastically accepted!), please write there.

Let’s make something delicious together!

Coral Moore (VP17)

Edited to add: Cocktail recipes will also be accepted and literary recipe names are encouraged!

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