Science Affliction #14

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Science News from around the interwebs!

1) European spacecraft Rosetta wakes up after a nap of over two years. The comet chaser has her own blog here in case you’d like to follow her pretty awesome mission.

The featured image of this post is an absolutely breathtaking image of the Earth Rosetta took while slingshotting around us to pick up speed. Go here to see it in all its glory.

Before her long sleep, Rosetta took this awesome picture of the asteroid Lutetia with Saturn in the background:












2) The first plastic cell with a functioning organelle has been made. Don’t get too excited just yet: the faux-cell doesn’t approach the awesome complexity of a real cell, but it did perform a series of chemical reactions. 

3) Carl Zimmer wrote an interesting article about X-Chromosome expression that talks about the genetic diversity inherent in women. Really fascinating studies being done now on why/how the cells in our body express or don’t express certain genes.

4) New support for the theory that a healthy gut promotes a healthy life. I’ve been reading up on digestion chemistry lately while trying to correct an increasing problem I’ve had in recent years and in that process I have a new-found respect for the symbiotes living inside all of us. Take care of your gut flora, people!

5) The first black hole orbiting (and feeding from) a neutron star is found. Reading about astrophysics often makes my head hurt, but I just can’t stop doing it!

That’s your science injection for the week. Use it in good health!


(Images from the European Space Agency)

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