Moore Writes #7

Posted by on Jan 23, 2014 in Poetry | 0 comments

Sometimes the writing life and real life interleave so fluidly that I get the overwhelming sense that I’m doing the right thing. It’s a little scary when that happens, mostly because I’m so used to feeling like a hack all the time. Over the summer I had one of those moments when a series of events occurred and I could see the connection between them. They became an entirely different story in my head, and the poem I’m posting is the result of that experience. I toyed with the idea of submitting it for publication because it’s the best piece of poetry I’ve written, but I decided it was too special to me to put it through the rejection cycle. So I give it to you, bloggies, as a gift because I haven’t posted much writing yet. (Spoiler Alert: I have been doing a lot of writing, but I’m trying to submit more so I’m keeping it mostly to myself.) Without further babbling, here is Old Woman in a Cuban Bakery.

Hearts, and Puppies,


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