January Blues

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First, and foremost, applications for Viable Paradise 2014 are open! Deadline is June 15th. If you’re a science fiction or fantasy writer, you should apply. There are few better ways to spend a week of your time. You will learn so much (I’m still learning things months later) and you will meet a fantastic bunch of folks. Immersing yourself in writing for a week is an amazing experience and I honestly can’t recommend this workshop highly enough. If you’ve convinced yourself that you aren’t good enough yet, like I almost did last year, apply anyway. Let the staff make that determination for you.

Secondly, women writers: Lightspeed Magazine is doing a special Women Destroy Science Fiction issue where all of the stories and articles will be written and edited by women. Submissions are open now, and will be until February 14th. Stories have to be Science Fiction, but the editor encourages a pretty broad (bwhaha) interpretation of science fiction. There is also a kickstarter for those who would rather support than submit.

Phew, now that my slinging is out of the way, down to business. I am a horrible blogger. You probably know this already, but it’s go to drive the point home whenever possible. I wouldn’t want you to have an unrealistic expectations. I blog when something strikes my fancy, or when I remember. I’m going to try to get back into doing my science posts because I think they’re fun and I like to share awesome science stories with you.

As far as my work goes, I have three short stories out on submission right now. Two are science fiction and one is contemporary romance. I have another couple of stories done but awaiting editing, and three more in the not-quite-done stage. I go through very creative spots and very blank spots. On the creative days I’m pretty sure I’m a REAL WRITER. On the other days, I’m not so sure. What I really have to do is establish a slot of time where all I do is write, every day. That worked well for me at the end of last year but I let it slide.

Right now I’m working on my submission to help Destroy Sci Fi for Lightspeed, and then I’m going to start on my novel edits. The first draft of Summoner’s Circle is done and has been for a while. I have some pretty big plans for the second draft, including a big change to one of the more important characters. I want to get those edits done and start my agent hunt by June. *fingers crossed*

Finally, I’ll be going to Boskone this year. It’s my first convention and I’m pretty excited. If you’re planning to go drop me a line and we’ll say hello or have a coffee!

That’s all I’ve got. Hearts, puppies, and all that jazz,


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