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IMG_2329I found out just before I headed out of town last week that I was invited to attend Viable Paradise 17. VP is a week-long writer’s workshop held in Martha’s Vineyard where I’ll hopefully learn so much about writing that my head will explode. I’ll be workshopping the first two chapters of Forgotten Magic while I’m there so I’ll have to struggle not to change anything during the long couple of months until then. I’ve been working on a scene that I want to add at the end, a sort of post-climax wrap up. Hopefully that will keep me out of trouble for the couple of months until October.

A couple of other random pieces of news:

All of my books are half off over at Smashwords for the month of July. Get Broods of Fenrir for only $1.50 and Elements of Rebellion for $2.00. Just add the books to your cart and use the coupon code SSW50. Offer expires July 31st!

I saw Pacific Rim while on vacation (it’s kind of a tradition of ours to see movies while out of town, don’t ask me why) and while there were quite a few physics/science plotholes, I thought the movie did a great job of creating a male/female working relationship that wasn’t romantic. I’ve had a story brewing for a while that has a platonic relationship between the two main characters and that showed me that it can really work when done right. Sorry, no giant robots in mine… so far! No really, no robots. The story is a sort of western distopian right now, though it’s so early right now it’s hard to say what the final form will take.

As a bonus, here are a couple of snaps from our day in Lexington, KY while visiting Claiborne Farm and Keeneland. It’s a nice area, though a bit too hot in the middle of July.

IMG_2322 IMG_2310IMG_2303 IMG_2302001

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