Science Affliction #13

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This week’s science links are brought you to by the letters Z and Q and the number e.

ichi) An interesting article about Titan’s atmosphere and how similar (and different) it is to Earth’s. Proof that you don’t need to make up exciting new planets, there are plenty of real ones out there.

ni) I linked a while back about the plastic garbage patch we’re growing out in the Pacific Ocean. Well now some scientists have discovered we’re growing another garbage dump in the deep ocean. Sounds like something out of a horror story to me.

san) Pigeons can use technology too! A study demonstrates that pigeons can pass a simple intelligence test called the “string test” on a touchscreen. Watch the video linked in the article, it’s awesome!

shi) In Australia they are having a problem with feral cats are growing huge and eating anything that will fit in their mouths. This brings up interesting ideas about domesticated species and what might happen to them if humans are eliminated from the food chain. WARNING: Article contains pictures of dead cats. If that’s the kind of thing that upsets you don’t click.

go) To make up for the ugliness of the previous entry, here’s a beautiful time lapse video of the aurora over Crater Lake earlier this week.

I hope you enjoyed the quick tour around the world of science this week!

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Edited to add: I had bookmarked this early on in the week and meant to pass it along here, but I forgot, so you get an extra bonus link! Robot bees. Nuff said.

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