When I’m bad I’m so, so bad

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Three months. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve made an update. I could give you all sorts of excuses, but I won’t bother because it’s not important.

I haven’t been idle in that time. I’ve finished my latest WIP, tentatively titled Forgotten Magic. I’m letting the first draft cool off for a while, probably until the end of the summer, and then I’ll take up the edits. I’ve already gotten some great feedback from advisor, so I’m actually pretty jazzed about editing this one. My goal is to have that novel out querying agents by the end of the year. In the meantime, I’ve got some ideas for the third Broods book to flesh out and a project idea blooming that should keep me writing actively over the summer.

I just finished my Master of Fine Arts in Writing last week. I’m excited, but a little lost without my next class to look forward to. I really think I’m going to miss the regular interaction with other writers. To curb that, I’ve decided I’m going to apply for a few writer’s workshops in the area and see what happens. I’ve had few run-ins with rejection so far in my writing career, so I might as well jump in and get used to it, right? Time to thicken up the skin for the agent submission carousel. I’m also planning to devote more time to reading now that classes won’t be occupying my after-work hours. I’ve fallen woefully behind on some of my favorite authors and it really feels like something is missing from my life because of that.

As far as what’s going on here on the blog, I’m going to make a few new content commitments to revitalize this place. I’m going to bring back story fodder Fridays, but widen the topics a bit to keep things interesting. Instead of providing only science news stories I’m going to mix it up, giving out five tidbits of interesting stuff I’ve read the previous week. I’m also going to try to post some creative writing at least once a week. It might be flash fiction, poetry, or just a piece of an idea that’s been mulling around my head. Essentially you’ll be getting a peek at the inside of my writing journal. Let’s go with Wednesday for those, for no particular reason at all. I’ll try to get a few more visiting authors too, just to keep things fresh. If you’re an author looking to do a guest blog or an interview, drop me a line on the About Page. There will also be a blog site revamp coming soonish, so don’t be surprised if you see new and exciting things hereabouts!




  1. Yes, indeed you have been bad, for your punishment you’re going to have to post one of your short stories-now- like you used to and give me a free copy of “magic” whenever it is picked up and published.

    Noticed I said when not if.

    And Congrats on finishing the Master in Fine Arts…very good there.

    And just kidding about the free book and half-kidding about the story even though you might be doing that on your own.

    • Hi Louis! No shorts this week, but I did put up some poems.

      Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement!

  2. Just a PS to completely change my E-mail address up there.

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