Finally, An Update

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First, let me start with an apology for not updating for a long while. Since the New Year I’ve had a whole bunch going on, but that’s really no excuse. Going forward I am going to do my absolute level best to update at least weekly, even if it’s some ridiculous nonsense, which it will likely be about half the time.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I’m on schedule to graduate from my Master’s program in May. The project I’ve decided to submit is the new novel I’m working on. I’m unsure as I’m writing this if I’ve mentioned what it’s about on here yet, so let’s save it as another update if not. (Look at me, milking this thing already.)

I’ve got another Broods of Fenrir short in the works. It will be another freebie, so it will go up here whenever it’s ready. Watch this space!

The final bit of news I wanted to share was that you will soon be able to buy all my books from right here, on my website via Gumroad. Pretty linkies below.

Broods of Fenrir – Epub
Broods of Fenrir – Mobi
Broods of Fenrir – PDF

Marked by Odin – Epub
Marked by Odin – Mobi
Marked by Odin – PDF

Elements of Rebellion – Epub
Elements of Rebellion – Mobi
Elements of Rebellion – PDF

PS for authors: Gumroad is very user friendly and so far seems an easy way to sell direct to customers. So if you’ve been looking for that like I have, check them out!

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