What I’m Thankful For

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This is a little early, I know, but I was feeling thankful today so I wanted to write it down and be ahead for a change. It’s been almost a year now since I released Broods of Fenrir and reality has surpassed my goals by a hundred percent. I am amazed and so very humbled that any of you have taken the time to give my writing a chance. I hope I haven’t disappointed you and I strive to keep getting better every day.

Thank you to every reader who has reached out to me to share your experience of my books. Your emails, comments, and notes have meant so much to me and make the moments of pain worth it.

Thank you to all the reviewers who took a chance on my writing and posted their thoughts about my books on a public forum. I know it can be scary, putting what you’ve written out there for everyone to read on the internet. I appreciate your time and effort more than you can know.

Thank you to all my author friends who helped me through difficult times the last couple of years. When I felt like giving up you had words that pulled me through and advice that made sense. You’re an awesome bunch, and I love you all. *hugs*

Thank you to my wonderful husband who I adore more than anything. Your love and encouragement has made all of this possible. *smooches*

Hearts and Puppies,


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  1. Aww, as a reader and reviewer, I’d like to thank you for writing such wonderful stories. It was a joy to read Broods. 🙂

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